Darkest Hour (Single)

by Hardihood

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Blinded, manipulated and taken control, the oblivious masses are the result of what rules us now. Results in their favour announced, a time of disappointment, confusion, a sense of betrayal, lost.

The darkest hour of our present times.


Raising us up to keep on saying their name,
And now,
It is done they're taking over...
Teaching us young just to see their name,
And now,
It is done don't even shout! shout! shout!
Break it down right now!
They have us in control...
They have us in their hands..

It starts with a question.
Questioning the uncertainties.
In the ways how we live our lives.
It takes a day to plant a simple seed.
Watch it grow for months and months.
And after all this years.
Just to let them cut it down, set it on fire and let it burn down to the ground.

A sinister act of selfishness resides in each and everyone of us.
But these corporations, making millions, not thinking once for the billions of people with the things that they do!
And we say, we say!

A look..Around..
They say..Take...Take...
A look...Around...
Don't hold back today!
And so to speak,
We find ourselves in such situations.
We depend on one another.
I say, keep on moving.
Keep looking around.
And ask ourselves.
We need to ask ourselves a simple question.
And the question is.
Is the meaning.


released August 4, 2016
Audio track arranged, performed and recorded live by Hardihood @ TNT Studios.
Audio track produced by Hardihood & Wong Ah Boy (TNT studios).
Audio track engineered by Wong Ah Boy (TNT Studios).
Audio and video rights owned by Hardihood.
Track Artwork by Shahreil Aziz.

Humongous major thanks and credits to Eswandy Sarip, Lindsay Jialin and Wong Ah Boy. Thank you!




Hardihood Singapore, Singapore

Progressive PunkRock band from Singapore

Formed: 2013, SG

Members: Guitarist - Iskandar M. Fawzi, Vocalist - Halim Ismail, Drummer - Endra Mahmood and Bassist – Shahreil Aziz.

Hardihood is a pot of sub culture musical influences, blended with in your face sound and spiced with straight up lyrics.
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